Original Score Album

Total Running Time 45:14

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„I against Me – The Original Score Album“ composed and produced by Jan-Michael Rogalla, available as a limited DigiPac-Album CD.!

Album/CD Track Listing:

  1. I against Me Pt.1 – First Fear
  2. The Run for Freedom
  3. The Wind of Grief
  4. Smooth Flames
  5. I against Me Pt.2 – Second Soul
  6. The Challenger
  7. Day of The Sun
  8. Suffering Symphony
  9. Consciousness
  10. I against Me Pt.2 – Second Soul (orchestral version)
  11. Suffering Symphony (piano version)

Total Running Time 45:14

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“I against Me – Die Triathlon-Dokumentation”
The original soundtrack by Jan-Michael Rogalla, and the movie by Dennis Wachter and Adam Kulewitz on DVD and Blu-Ray
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