The Documentary

What is so special about triathlon? Why do we continue to go to the edge of physical endurance – and beyond? And how can this extreme kind of undertaking be integrated into one’s everyday life? In the course of three years, the ‚I against Me‘ team has captured the essence of triathlon, and tried to uncover the ‚why‘ and ‚how‘ of this sport. The result is an emotional and evocatively told journey to the other side of the world, close to the athletes, their highs and lows, and their multi-facetted lifestyles.

The documentation-movie was produced by Adam Kulewitz and Dennis Wachter.

Running Time ca. 90min.
Cast: Sandra Wallenhorst, Timo Bracht, Andreas Raelert, Yvonne van Vlerken, Craig Alexander, Mark Allen, Belinda Granger, Normann Stadler, Virginia Berasategui, Dave Scott, and many more.

A Arutan Productions AND projekt-triathlon Production
IN COOPERATION WITH [projekt-digital] EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Pascal Höche, Barbara Bartlomiejczuk, Christian Wachter MUSIC Gregoire Vanoli, Manuel Richter, Jan-Michael Rogalla, Nico Flohr PRODUCED BY Adam Kulewitz, Dennis Wachter EDITORIAL Dennis Wachter DIRECTED BY Adam Kulewitz
“I against Me – Die Triathlon-Dokumentation”
The original soundtrack by Jan-Michael Rogalla, and the movie by Dennis Wachter and Adam Kulewitz on DVD and Blu-Ray
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